In collaboration with the company ATH specialized in hydraulic, Rhoban System has designed and developed an autonomous robot dedicated to the plantation of vine stakes. The machine has been developed for the wine company “Pepinière Duvigneau”. It has been awarded by the “prix special du jury” Vinitech 2014.

The robot is designed from a small backhoe of which each hydraulic function has been modified in order to be able to be controlled (track, arm, tool). Rhoban System has handled:

  • modeling and robotic control of the arm and of locomotion,
  • low cost centimetric GNSS positioning system,
  • the user interface on a tactile tablet.

Trellising site in Puyfromage Castle near Bordeaux
The arm, the tool and the locomotion of the machine are controlled with centimetric accuracy on the basis of a complete dynamic model using a set of sensors (jack position, inclination) and the GNSS positioning system computing in real-time the position of the tool and the position of the cabin.

Locomotion control with centimetric accuracy
The user communicates with the system by using a tactile tablet. The starting of the set begins by a parametrization stage consisting in defining the vineyard plot. To do that, one takes its boundary by using the positioning system. After that, one takes the positions of a sample of vine ranks (typically 3). The system then generates the set of stakes to be plant.

The user take the machine at the beginning of a rank and launch the plant process. Then the machine goes from stakes to stakes in a totally autonomous way. A each stake position reached by the machine, the user presents a stake and goes away during the push process, canceling the risks due to the bursting of the stake (for wood stakes).