Acroban et Sigmaban aux 40 ans de l’IUT

Acroban et Sigmaban, nos robots humanoïdes ont été exposé vendredi aux 40 ans de l’IUT Informatique de Bordeaux.

Ils dançaient, interagissaient, s’équilibraient et se relevaient, comme montré dans la vidéo ci-dessus.

Images de Yeosu

Ci dessous les nouvelles photos de l’installation Rhoban à l’exposition internationale de Yeosu!

Rhoban system sur KBS!

Nouvelle apparition des robots de RhobanSystem sur KBS, grande chaîne de télé nationale  Coréenne:

Rhoban System on Korean TV

Rhoban football club

Rhoban Football Club is an on-going robotic project whose team members are researchers at LaBRI, Bordeaux 1 University and CNRS . This project stems from the desire to better understand the problems arising from building a fully autonomous bipede capable of human-like motions, and to thoroughly study their solutions from an empirical and a theoretical point-of-view. In this context, several prototypes have been already built and tested, focussing on walking, locomotion, interactions, and proposing some new solutions in terms of robot mechanical structure (e.g. spine-oriented) and compliance. The idea of playing a dynamic game like soccer – a very interesting testbed for producing complex situations in a constrained environment – has driven the team to design a new robot with an improved structure, including video/image analysis and planning behaviour tactics, a necessary step forward to make the robot gain autonomy. This short paper gives an overview of this robot system in its current state, for the prospect of making it participate to Robocup 2012 .
Our participation to Robocup 2012 , up to the qualification procedure, would be the second one. The first one has been under the team name SigmaBan Football Club.

Rhoban Football Club is partner of the LaBRI, CNRS, Bordeaux 1 University, ENSEIRB-MATMECA and Région Aquitaine

Qualification To Robocup 2012

Our team is applying to the next Robocup in Mexico

Acroban and friends

Acroban is a humanoid robot designed by Rhoban Project in collaboration with Flowers team.
Look at it here (featuring Pierre Ly, thanks to him !) :

With this platform, we investigate several questions:

  • What are the advantage of the vertebral column regarding locomotion ?
  • The use of compliance and semi-passive dynamics for biped locomotion.
  • How humans and robots can interact, physically ?

Learn more in this paper. See also Flower’s Acroban’s page to learn more.

Exploring robust, intuitive and emergent physical human-robot interaction with the humanoid robot Acroban
with Pierre-Yves Oudeyer and Pierre Rouanet.
To appear in 11th IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoid’2011) – 2011 (Bled)

Maturational constraints for motor learning in high-dimensions: the case of biped walking
with Matthieu Lapeyre and Pierre-Yves Oudeyer.
To appear in 11th IEEE-RAS International Conference on Humanoid Robots (Humanoid’2011) – 2011 (Bled)

Bio-Inspired Vertebral Column, Compliance and Semi-Passive Dynamics in a Lightweight Humanoid Robot
with Matthieu Lapeyre and Pierre-Yves Oudeyer
To appear in proc. of IEEE/RSJ International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS’2011) – 2011 (San Francisco) (also selected for IROS’2011 Special Demonstration Symposium)

Modeling Maturational Constrains for Learning Biped Humanoid Locomotion
with Matthieu Lapeyre and Pierre-Yves Oudeyer
To appear in Proc of Int. Conf. on Development and Learning (ICDL) – Poster session – IEEE 2011 (Frankfurt)

Acroban the Humanoid: Compliance for Stabilization and Human Interaction.
O. Ly and P.-Y. Oudeyer.
In IEEE/RSJ Int. Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems (IROS’2010) – Video Session (Taipei 2010).

Acroban the Humanoid: Playful and Compliant Physical Child-Robot Interaction.

O. Ly and P.-Y. Oudeyer.
In ACM SIGGRAPH’2010 Emerging Technologies (Los Angeles 2010)

Look also to the press release.


Rhoban is actually the first robot designed by the group.
This is a humanoid robot able to walk, get up, go upstairs … and even dance !
Look at him here. The robot has been designed from scratch, it is fully autonomous :