We have designed several humanoid robots : at first RhoBan, then AcroBan,  SigmaBan, or also MicroBan.

Several exiting questions remains mysterious in humanoid robotics indeed… At first: walking ! Even if it is the most elementary ability of human being, it remains a major issue when designing a humanoid robot.

SigmaBan test bench
We investigate the role of morphology and compliance in legged locomotion and balance keeping. Compliance is the ability of the robot to enforce soft motions like animals instead of stiff ones. Studying biped locomotion applies to therapeutics of Musculoskeletal diseases in a natural way.

Compliance is also interesting when thinking about human / robot interaction. Seeing that a robot is essentially a computer provided with a sensori-motor system, physical interaction with human is natural and characteristic. Compliance is necessary to allow the user to engage physical interaction with the robot. Please have a look at

– our robotic installation at International Expo 2012 in Yeosu, Korea – 

visited by among 600 000 people from Asia where several of our robots interacted with people.

Physical interaction is a way to think about the more general concept of CoBots (Collaborative Robots) whose applications flourish at the moment, industrial applications, but also entertainment applications. We work on industrial applications of this concept in collaboration with SAFRAN/Herakles and ENSC.

The robots of Rhoban also takes part to the RoboCupthe world cup of robotics. We develop a team of 3 humanoid robots playing soccer: the Rhoban Football Club. Of course locomotion is a challenge over there, but not the only one… Robots are fully autonomous. They take their own decisions alone, looking at the field, the ball, the goals and the other robots. This year in Brazil, we reached 1/4 finals…

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