VSD full article about the Rhoban Football Club  (01/08/2013)

Engadget: “We see a lot of robots around here. But few can evoke emotion without resorting to a doe-eyed visage or plush, Dough-Boy bodice. That’s what makes Acroban so interesting. Dispensing with the cheap parlor tricks, Acroban still comes across as child-like, playful, seemingly dependent upon your care and guidance.”

SUDOUEST 19 juin 2014

Plastic Pals: “Acroban is an exciting example of what is possible using commonly available parts and a lot of ingenuity […] Uncommon among most humanoid robots, its spine has 5 joints alone, as well as springs and elastics, which help to dampen the effects of unexpected external bumps and knocks […] It successfully shrugs off bumps from a ball thrown at its upper body that would turf most of the RoboCup Humanoid league.”

Europe1-Rhoban Wired Gadget Lab: “The Acroban robot is no Marvin, the Paranoid Android. Instead, Acroban promises a sunny personality that’s just right for kids. […]. The most interesting part of the robot is how well it reacts to situations that would seem almost normal in a human context. For instance, when the robot is walking, a person can hold the robot arm and drive it in any direction easily. It’s like steering children who are just learning to walk, says the researchers. All of this is done without providing the robot with any sort of verbal command.”




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Scientific and dissemination Papers

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