The “Rhoban Football Club” takes part of the robot world cup: the Robocup 2015 in Hefei (China).

After its first participation at Istanbul in 2011 (under the name “SigmaBan Football Club”), the team won its first matches in Eindhoven in 2013 and reached the 1/4 final in 2014 in Joao Pessoa (Brazil). Overthere, for the first time, the team was able to submit three robust humanoid robots without major hardware problem. Finally, last year we took a big step forward by reaching the quarter-final.

This year in China, there will be several new challenges. First, the ground has changed. Now it is made of 3cm artificial grass. This make motor control particularly difficult… We have designed a new prototype, bigger (~90cm), equipped with pressure sensors under the feet in order to optimize motor control. 

There are also several new difficulties concerning vision: goals are white now, and the ball will be a standard small soccer ball …

Team Description Paper (pdf)
Sigmaban Robot Specification (pdf)
Qualification video (youtube)