The “Rhoban Football Club” takes part of the robot world cup: the Robocup 2016 in Leipzig (Germany).

The very challenging problem of robots playing autonomous soccer in
complex and semi-unconstrained environment has driven the team to
propose new mechanical designs — spine-oriented robot have been tested,
low-cost foot pressure sensors are experimented — and software methods — new
custom servo-motors firmware, learning algorithms applied to odometry.

Our participation to Robocup 2016, up to the qualification procedure,
would be the fifth one:

-2011 (Istanbul): Very first participation of the team at RoboCup competition
under the name SigmaBan Football Club.
-2013 (Eindhoven): Second participation under current name \textit{Rhoban Football Club}.
For the first time, the team was able to submit three robust humanoid robots
without major hardware problem.
-2014 (Joao Pessoa): We took a big step forward by reaching the quarter-finals
and working out a robust walk engine.
-2015 (Heifei): Finally, we coped pretty well with the new artificial grass and colorless field.
We reached the semi-finals and took the third place of Kid-Size league.

For this upcoming year, our expectation is to continue to improve the robot’s field localization,
walk and kick engines by introducing recent advances developed along the year
using on our new (strain gauge) foot pressure sensors and learning methods.

Team Description Paper (pdf)
Robot Specifications (pdf)
Qualification video (youtube)